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Quanzhou Children's Hospital 2019 Residents Standardized Training Admissions Brochure

Our hospital is the largest child health care institution in Fujian Province. It implements a management model of "one set of teams, three brands, and both medical care and health care". It is a medical-oriented institution that integrates teaching, scientific research, preventive health care, and first aid. An integrated tertiary specialist hospital. In recent years, the scale of hospitals has been expanding day by day, and the specialty department has been continuously improved, and medical technology has been continuously upgraded. Currently, there are four major specialties in pediatrics, pediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and ophthalmology. Child Disease Screening Center Quanzhou Branch "," Fujian Newborn Ambulance Center Quanzhou Branch "," Fujian Child Emergency Center Quanzhou Branch "and" Fujian Prenatal Diagnosis Center Quanzhou Branch ".

NICU PICU 、神经科、康复科、消化内科、呼吸内科、感染科、血液泌尿科、心血管内分泌科等专业病区和相应的专科门诊。 Pediatrics is a pillar subject of our hospital. It is divided into specialized wards and corresponding specialist clinics such as NICU , PICU , neurology, rehabilitation, gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, infectious medicine, hematology, cardiovascular endocrinology, and so on. 2018 年我院儿科年门诊量达 412927 人次数,急诊 263572 人次数,年收治病人数 25063 人次,各专科诊治的疾病种类及例数均很好达到《儿科医师培训标准》中的要求。 According to statistics, in 2018 , the annual number of pediatric outpatients in our hospital reached 412,927 , the number of emergency departments was 263,572 , and the number of patients admitted annually was 25,063 . Claim. NICU PICU 、神经康复科、消化内科、呼吸内科等亚专科的建设不仅在泉州地面占较大优势,在全省范围内也名列前茅。 The construction of sub-specialties such as pediatric NICU , PICU , neurorehabilitation , gastroenterology , and respiratory medicine not only occupies a large advantage on the ground in Quanzhou, but also ranks among the best in the province. In the field of child intensive care, premature babies, severe rescue of very low birth weight infants, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric epilepsy, child asthma, immune dysfunction and children's personality, behavioral abnormalities, genetic disease series research, etc. prize. PICU 集中了全市 90% 的危重症患儿,院前转运不仅覆盖全市所有的乡镇,甚至开展跨地区、跨省际服务。 NICU and PICU have concentrated 90% of critically ill children in the city , and pre-hospital transport not only covers all towns and cities in the city, but also provides inter-regional and inter-provincial services. Relying on the National Early Childhood Development Demonstration Base, the hospital formulates a multidisciplinary cooperation system for early childhood development, establishes a sequential model of health care clinical practice, promotes early childhood comprehensive development, and the early childhood development technology ranks first in the province.

2016 年通过评审成为福建省住院医师规范化培训儿科基地; 2017 年正式成为国家级住院医师规范化培训福建省妇幼保健院基地的协同单位。 The hospital passed the review in 2016 to become the pediatric base for standardized training of residents in Fujian Province; in 2017 , it officially became the cooperative unit for the standardized training of resident doctors in Fujian Province . At the same time, our hospital is a teaching hospital of Xiamen Medical College, not directly affiliated hospitals, Fujian Medical University, Quanzhou Medical College, Zhangzhou Health Vocational School and other schools, with rich teaching experience. 84 人,其中符合住培带教师资要求的人员(本科学历、主治三年以上)达 73 名,高级职称医师 34 人,占师资队伍总数的 47% In recent years, the hospital's talent team construction and scientific research and education have achieved remarkable results. At present, the hospital's pediatrics department has 84 doctors who are attending and above . Among them, 73 staff have qualified doctors (with a bachelor's degree and three years' attendance) and 34 senior doctors , Accounting for 47% of the total teaching staff .

59 人, 2016 年招生至今,我院已结业的培训对象参加理论与技能的结业考核通过率均为 100% So far, our college has 59 students in training . Since the admissions in 2016 , the trainees who have graduated from our college have passed 100% of the theory and skill completion assessments .

I. Enrollment Object:

2019 年福建省临床、口腔类别住院医师规范化培训招录工作的通知》文件规定的学员类型。 The types of trainees who meet the requirements of the Fujian Provincial Health and Health Committee's Notice on Doing Well in Recruitment of Clinical and Dental Residents in Fujian Province in 2019 .

2. Student treatment:

1. Student accommodation: Free accommodation for outsiders and social students, and water and electricity fees are free.

2. Subsidy income:

、单位人学员:除选送单位工资福利待遇与国家的财政补贴 2000 / 月外,按照本院的标准给予发放误餐费、值班费等补贴,同时享受医院低年资平均绩效,每个月约 1200 元,并补齐与我院同等条件人员工资差额。 a . Unit trainees: In addition to the salary and welfare benefits of the selected unit and the state's financial subsidy of 2,000 yuan / month, subsidies such as meal replacement fees and shift fees will be paid in accordance with the hospital's standards. At the same time, the average annual performance of the hospital will be low. The monthly salary is about 1200 yuan, and the salary difference between the same conditions as our hospital is made up.

、社会人培训学员:社会人除给予 2000 / 月的国家的财政补贴以外,按照本院的标准给予发放误餐费、值班费等补贴,给予工资补贴 2000 / 月,并享受医院低年资平均绩效,每个月约 1200 元;此外还按照规定帮助其缴纳医保社保等。 b . Social training trainees: In addition to the state's financial subsidy of 2,000 yuan / month , the society will provide subsidies for meal replacement, shifts and other subsidies in accordance with the hospital's standards, give a salary subsidy of 2,000 yuan / month, and enjoy low hospital costs. The average annual performance is about 1,200 yuan per month ; in addition, it also helps them pay medical insurance and social security in accordance with regulations.

儿科 37 3. Enrollment: 37 paediatrics

Fourth, the recruitment schedule:

/ 专科医师培训网( fujian.wsglw.net )完成网络报名。 This enrollment adopts the online registration method. Please log in to the Fujian Resident / Specialist Training Network ( fujian.wsglw.net ) before the registration deadline to complete the online registration.

registration time:

1 )外省生源的“行业人”报名人员、已取得全科医学相关培 训证书的“基层全科医生”: 2019 7 12 8 00 7 22 17 00 ;( 2 )“单位人”和本省“行业人”报名人员: 2019 7 17 8 00 7 26 17 00 ( 1 ) "Professionals" applicants from students from other provinces , "Primary GPs " who have obtained training certificates in general medicine : July 12 , 2019 from 8:00 to July 22 , 17:00 ; ( 2) ) "Unit person" and "Professional person" applicants in the province: July 17 , 2019 8:00 to July 26 , 17:00

2019 8 1 First Volunteer Site Audit and Interview Time: August 1 , 2019

2019 8 8 Second Volunteer Site Audit and Interview Time: August 8 , 2019

2019 8 15 The third volunteer site audit and interview time: August 15 , 2019

Venue: Children's Hospital of Quanzhou (the specific location will be notified separately after the applicants are determined)

包括以下证件的原件及复印件:身份证、毕业证、学位证、执业医师证;报名表(上级单位同意盖章)、选送单位的培训介绍信(注明需培训的普通专科名称和同意变更执业注册并盖章),研究生学历人员须同时提供本科阶段的学历证和学位证。 V. On-site audit materials: Originals and photocopies of the following documents: ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, medical practitioner certificate; application form (the higher unit agrees to seal), training introduction letter of the selected unit (indicating the need for training) The name of the general college and the consent to change the practice registration and seal), postgraduate personnel must provide both the undergraduate diploma and degree certificate. 年起外省高校毕业的专业学位硕士、博士另增加提供“中国学位与研究生教育信息网 http://www.chinadegrees.com.cn/ ”查询的学位证书信息)。 Since 2016 , professional degree masters and doctoral degrees graduated from universities in other provinces have been added to provide information on degree certificates inquired about "China Degrees and Graduate Education Information Network http://www.chinadegrees.com.cn/ ").

Note: Registered students who are “industry professionals” do not need to provide training introduction letters, but they need to provide proof of termination or non-employment. Fresh graduates will be given priority.

Participants are requested to inform each other of this website to inform them that they must participate in the on-site review. Those who do not arrive after the deadline are deemed to have waived automatically.

面试安排: 面试同时安排笔试,题型为儿科专业单选题 及多选题 6. Interview arrangement: Written examinations are arranged at the same time for the interview. The questions are single-choice questions and multiple-choice questions for pediatrics . The specific written test and interview time will be notified to the applicants by phone or text message. Please ask the applicants to arrange the time and try to complete the on-site audit before the exam. If the time is urgent, you can take the written test first.

8 23 日报到, 8 26-30 日进行岗前培训, 9 2 日开始轮转。 7. Follow-up arrangements: Report on August 23 , pre-job training on August 26-30 , and rotation on September 2 .

苏晓灵 联系方式: 0595-22131685 Contact: Su Xiaoling, Science and Education Contact: 0595-22131685

If in doubt, welcome to inquire.

! Students are welcome to apply for the standardized pediatric base of standardized training for residents in our hospital, and I wish all students to successfully complete the application !

Quanzhou Children's Hospital

7 12 July 12 , 2019

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