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[Heart-warming service] "Heart-warming" platform competition, together showcasing the style The first session of the "heart-warming service" platform competition held in Quanzhou Children's Hospital

Cold current Xiaoxiao, war drums!

Quanzhou Children's Hospital's first clinical and medical technology department "heart warming service" ring competition played the drums,

This is a platform for showcasing style.

16 short-listed departments,

16 contestants,


Into a "thought collision"

It turns into a "spiritual journey" in response to heartwarming.

After fierce competition, the first "heart-warming service" competition ended perfectly, and 10 classic cases of improving medical services stood out.

On the evening of January 10th, the 16 finalists participated in the competition on the same stage, showing typical cases of improving medical services, exchanging experiences and exchanging ideas. The heads of departments, head nurses and staff of each department came to watch and cheer. Wang Jindui, the deputy investigator who is in charge of the overall work of the hospital, Qiu Huaqiao, the deputy chief of the hospital to assist the management of the hospital, Lin Zhibin, the dean, and Chen Gengbo, the dean, attended the competition. Director of the Outpatient Department of Quanzhou Orthopedic Hospital, Zhimin Lian, the reporter of the health edition of Quanzhou Evening News Zhang Zhuan, and the director of the service center of Quanzhou Children's Hospital, Chen Ruoying served as expert judges. Vice President Lin Zhibin delivered a speech for the competition, and Deputy Chief Physician Qiu Li presided over the competition.

Deputy Dean Lin Zhibin Addresses the Competition

Wonderful look

Elaborate PPT and video, eloquent explanation of the demonstration, between the square inch platform, the contestants elaborated the essence of service improvement cases.

They tell how to turn heartwarming into a case!

Use cases to improve service image!

Let the case become the department brand!

从“麻醉科”向“麻醉与围手术医学科”转型中的暖心升级》 Department of Anesthesiology: " Heart Warming Upgrade in the Transition from" Anesthesiology "to" Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine "

暖心服务,从'无痛诊疗'开始”在比赛现场响起,连建烽主治医师代表科室参赛, 从问询、诊疗、检查 护理、手术、管理 六个环节阐述了科室提升 医院观感和就医体验感。 The Department of Anesthesia won the prize in this Taiwan competition. The slogan of the department with love- " heartwarming service, starting from 'painless diagnosis and treatment'" sounded on the scene of the competition. Lian Jian's attending physician participated in the competition on behalf of the department . The six links of diagnosis and treatment, examination and nursing, surgery and management expounded the department's improvement of hospital perception and medical experience. In order to relieve the nervousness of the children, the medical staff of the anesthesiology department appease the children in various ways like parents, and do their best to give the children a sense of security. The scenes are as beautiful as warm poems.

《产前多学科会诊绿色通道》 Prenatal diagnosis: "Prenatal multidisciplinary consultation green channel"

产前诊断科,在“暖心服务”行动中,开展了: “产前I 类会诊”绿色通道, 可在当天出具诊断报告,方便患者尽快终止妊娠,缩短痛苦等待的时间; “加急多学科会诊”绿色通道, 联合相关科室,建立完善的网络会诊体制及加急通道,针对孕周较大、胎儿多发畸形且病情紧急的孕妇开通加急会诊绿色通道,孕妇一般于1-2个工作日可取得诊断报告,为患者进一步诊治争取时间,同时也降低医疗风险; “首检再次确认报告”绿色通道, 联合超声科为首次检查发现胎儿重大畸形的患者进行三人检查操作并签名,为患者进行多学科专家组会诊提供更精准的报告。 As the third runner-up this time: the prenatal diagnosis department, in the "heartwarming service" operation, carried out: "Prenatal Class I Consultation" green channel, which can issue a diagnosis report on the same day to facilitate patients to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible and reduce painful waiting Time; "expedited multidisciplinary consultation" green channel, in conjunction with related departments, establish a comprehensive network consultation system and expedited channel, for pregnant women with a large gestational week, multiple fetal malformations and emergency conditions, open the expedited consultation green channel, pregnant women in general A diagnostic report can be obtained within 1-2 working days, which can help patients to further diagnose and treat time, while also reducing medical risks; the "first confirmation and reconfirmation report" green channel, combined with the ultrasound department for the first examination of three patients with major fetal malformations Examine the operation and sign it to provide a more accurate report for the patient's multidisciplinary expert group consultation.

《温柔呵护 母婴“暖心”》 Obstetrics: "Gentle care of mother and baby" warm heart "

WICU术后口香糖促进剖宫产妇提早排气,开展音乐止痛法,缓解剖宫产术后疼痛, 增设探视时间等举措改善患者的就医体验。 Obstetrics who have won the second prize in the competition mainly focus on: "new home decoration" to create a "home" feeling, open the first municipal midwifery clinic, and chewing gum after WICU promotes early cesarean delivery. Carry out music analgesia, relieve pain after cesarean section, increase visit time and other measures to improve the patient's medical experience. Love the heart, practice the line, the innovative and improved "breastfeeding clothing" of the department is permeated with warmth from the details.

《暖心服务 我们在行动》 Pediatric Surgery: "Heart Warming Service, We Are in Action"

将儿保人文进行到底 Child Health Division: " Practice Childcare to the End "

《暖胃暖心 和谐医患》 Gastroenterology: "Stomach-warming, Heart-warming, Harmonious Doctor-patient"

《急患者所急 想患者所想》 Department of Intensive Medicine: "Emergency Patients Want What Patients Want"

Neonatal Division: "Brother's Milk Passes Kangaroo Warm Arms"

《互联网+影像云 精准诊疗、精心服务》 Imaging Department: "Internet + Imaging Cloud, Precise Diagnosis, Careful Service"

《一路关爱,无缝“痫”接》 Neurology: "All the way to care, seamless" epilepsy "connection

Department of Infectious Diseases: "Report on Operation" Heart Warming "

《暖心你我,让“EYE”看的见》 Ophthalmology: "Heart warming you and me, let" EYE "see you"

点点滴滴,汇聚暖心 Cardiovascular and Endocrinology Department: " Bit by Bit, Gather Heart Warming "

《暖心服务,爱心行动》 Department of Neurorehabilitation: "Heart Warming Service, Caring Action"

《从细节入手,让孩子远离支气管异物困扰》 Respiratory Medicine: "Start with the details and keep your child away from the bronchial foreign body"

Punenko: Report on Operation Heart Warming

After fierce competition, the top ten outstanding “heart-warming service” cases won awards, among which the first prize: anesthesiology; the second prize: prenatal diagnosis and obstetrics; the third prize: child health care, critical medicine, pediatric surgery; Fourth prize: neonatal, imaging, gastroenterology, neurology.

不仅充分挖掘和推广医院临床一线改善医疗服务典型案例, 更充分调动临床及医技科室开展“暖心服务”工作的主动性、积极性,促进临床一线不断提升医院服务形象,提高患者就医体验与满意度。 Through this competition, it provides exhibition opportunities and communication platforms for various departments to promote competition and promote reform. It not only fully explores and promotes typical cases of clinical frontline improvement of medical services in hospitals, but also fully mobilizes clinical and medical technology departments to develop The initiative and enthusiasm of "service" work, promote the clinical front line to continuously improve the image of hospital services, and improve patient experience and satisfaction.

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